According to experts, you should purchase a new mattress every eight years. Doing so ensures that your mattress provides the support, comfort, and cleanliness needed to give you a good night’s sleep. An older mattress may no longer support you as it should; plus, it may be so full of debris that it affects your breathing at night. Finding the best mattress isn’t always easy, but there are a number of different reviews out there that can help you. These reviews often break down buying a mattress by comparing several key areas.


When you lie down on the mattress, do you find that it supports you in all the right places? You should sink into it a bit, but you also want to feel like the mattress is firm enough that it’s holding you as it should. Your upper body shouldn’t sink in more than your legs, for example. If you have any areas of your body that often hurt, you want to be sure those areas receive the support they need.


Comfort is not exactly the same as support, but it is related. If you like soft mattresses, you may not be comfortable with one that is firmer even if it does support you better. Memory foam is often very good about providing both. It contours to your body to provide support, while at the same time it fits your exact body shape, which is very comfortable. You also don’t have to worry about springs poking through the top of the mattress, which can happen as the mattress ages.

Motion Isolation

You’ve probably seen commercials where someone places a glass of red wine on one part of the mattress and then jumps up and down on another part. The wine glass never spills despite the motion. This demonstrates the mattress’s motion isolation, or how well motion transfers or does not transfer to other parts of the mattress. For those who sleep with a partner, this can be very important. Light sleepers may wake up every time the other person rolls over. If the mattress doesn’t transfer much of that motion, the light sleeper may sleep better. If you’re bothered by motion, you may want to look at one of the Serta iSeries of mattresses. They are designed to provide both people a good night’s sleep no matter how restless one or both are.



Some mattresses, especially memory foam ones, can produce an odour when they are first removed from their protective coverings. It’s important to ask if there is any kind of smell associated with the mattress. In most cases, the odour will eventually dissipate, but it can make those first nights on your new mattress unpleasant.


While you should replace your mattress every eight years, you don’t necessarily want to have to replace it sooner than that. You want a mattress that is going to continue to support you and provide you with a comfortable place to sleep. You may also want a mattress that is going to hold up to spills, children jumping on it, and pet claws.

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