There’s nothing quite like a café setting, is there? There’s just something about such a setting that makes for wonderful day or night out on the town. An outdoor café setting conjures up images of luxuriant cappuccinos, beautiful warm days, a fresh breeze in your face, and charming conversations with someone special. It’s a great atmosphere for customers, and even better for the restaurants that use them. After all, happy customers make for happy consumers. The more your customers enjoy themselves, the more likely they are to buy, and they are likelier to come back in the future or even refer friends to your restaurant. In an industry where word of mouth is essential, here are a few reasons why folding awnings can get people talking about your restaurant for all the right reasons.

Added Ambience

Having an outdoor patio area is a great idea for restaurants, for a variety of reasons. Not only does an outdoor area give you extra seating capacity, but outdoor patio areas complete with folding awnings also exude a sense of bohemian class while still retaining a professional touch. It also gives a great opportunity for you to show off your artistic side, allowing you to add a dash of colour to your outdoor décor, thereby attracting the attention of passersby. If this is your aim, you’ll want to choose brighter colours as well as patterns that are simple yet eye-catching.

Affordable Advertising

Another great bonus of having foldable arm awnings in your restaurant space is the ability to advertise. No matter where you are or what your restaurant’s aura may be, you can always use a bit more space to advertise. Outdoor awnings provide just that, with a big umbrella-like surface area perfect for sporting everything from graphical representations of your brand to your venue’s phone number. In this way, an awning is considered akin to an investment in your advertising budget—and one that’s not only sure to pay off, but also provide you with extra shade and comfort to boot.


Awnings represent a way to ever so slightly expand your outdoor territory. It may not seem like much, but every extra awning and seat is a potential area in which to serve customers, and by marking your territory, it can potentially dissuade loiterers from lingering around outside your property. Awnings connect the brand found inside your established to the exterior aesthetic, which enhances your presence within the community.

Easy Shade

Of course, the most obvious benefit of folding arm awnings is their great capacity to provide shade. This may seem simple and mundane, but in fact there’s a beauty in such simplicity, and quite a bit of benefit as well. On a hot summer’s day, you can bet that customers will want to eat somewhere with shade, but it’s also tempting to want to stay outdoors to enjoy the sunshine, fresh air, and overall natural ambience. Folding awnings allow your customers to do just that, and when combined with a quasi-café setting, your restaurant becomes a more attractive option to potential customers.

For shade, ambience, advertising, and so much more, you can’t go wrong with folding arm awnings.

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