The NSS Champ is the go to equipment when a ride-on automatic scrubber is needed to get the job done.  Based in Toledo, Ohio, and in business for over 100 years, NSS is a company that has a history of reliable machinery and high standards. Their NSS Champ is one of the most respected equipment pieces in the business, and as one of the best regarded scrubbers, it is known to be reliable and effective.  The three model sizes ensure that there is a Champ scrubber to meet your needs.

NSS automatic scrubbers are known for their pared down simplicity and focus on quality. This construction model helps to decrease repairs, and the absence of unnecessary features helps to keep training times to a minimum. The tanks on all of the Champ models are oversized, both for the solution and the water recovery, which means less time needed to change them out, and more time scrubbing. The multiple squeegees coupled with the fierce vacuum power, mean less drying time, which translates to less disruption to your work environment.

The main difference between the three models is size, and all have the NSS quality that you have come to expect. Cleaning equipment needs to be able to handle a heavy work load and work effectively day after day. The Champ scrubbers are very well made, durable and have a longevity that leads the industry. Built for industrial and commercial cleaning use, the Champ auto scrubbers will hold up throughout the growth of your company, with its durability equaling less downtime for your staff.

If you require coverage of larger spaces, check out the 3329 model which, in only 70″ of open area, is able to turn ninety degrees in both directions, which again, will help to keep your team working quickly and efficiently. The 2929 model is a little guy with a whole lot of oomph. This model will cover a lot of ground, but is perfect for the team that does not require a machine more suitable for large areas. The 3529 is suitable for academic environments as well as shopping malls, as it is able to cover a lot of area while remaining compact.

All three of the Champ ride-on automatic scrubbers are narrow enough to fit through a standard 36″ door, even with the squeegees attached. These squeegees, with both straight and curved available, require very limited and easy assembly, again another time saver for you and your clean up team. Additionally, the simple assembly can also help to keep damage of the squeegees as an infrequent occurrence. On-board batteries simplify the recharge process, and keep your help to keep your Champ ready for scrubbing action.

The Champ models all provide a reliable and well-made automatic scrubber that you can depend upon for many years to come.

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