If you want to add a window treatment that offers both privacy and enhanced aesthetics in one package, then you might consider installing rolling shutter. This type of window treatment, especially if it is made from aluminium, can be used to cover windows as well as sliding doors, front doors, alcove-type entryways, and skylights.

An Adaptable Window Covering

Rolling shutters are designed in sizes up to 3.6 m wide for a single shutter. However, if you wish to expand the shutter size, support mullions can be used to increase the width. These kinds of shutters also offer a high level of security. Once they are placed in a locked position and are fully closed, the shutters cannot be lifted, which also makes entry next to impossible. Thus, the shutter serves as a visual deterrent as well. For instance, it is proven that a guard dog or an alarm is simply insufficient to stop a burglary. To ensure a thief has a difficult time entering the home, you need to use a windows treatment that is resilient against robbery.

Reducing your Heating and Cooling Costs

Rolling shutters also offer the energy benefits of added insulation. While people often think of insulating their homes with wall or roofing insulation, most of the heat or cold transfer occurs through the windows. Therefore, roller shutters in Melbourne feature a high-density polyurethane insulation – a product that lowers heat and cold transfers by as much as 90%.

So, when you use this type of shutter, you can also reduce the running costs of your AC by up to 40%. You not only prolong the life of your air conditioning system, but you can also use it with economic frugality in mind. Heat escape is also reduced when you install rolling shutters, primarily due to the commonly used materials during the manufacturing process.

Light Control

Another benefit of adding a rolling shutter is that of light control. The window treatment can reduce the excess light in the home entirely, depending on the specific fitting. Therefore, you can sleep without distraction during the daytime hours or even get the kids to go to bed earlier in the day.

You can use the shutters to cover the windows in your home theatre room as well. In turn, you will be rewarded with a more enhanced cinematic experience through the means of reduced glare and mitigated brightness. After all, have you ever experienced sunlight or glare in a public theatre?

Noise Control

Besides offering light control, rolling shutters lower the level of exterior noise by as much as 60%. When the rolling shutter is closed, the insulation blocks out noise, regardless of whether it is the sound of a neighbour cutting the grass or the regular hum of traffic. Parents with babies like this feature, as they can put their infant to rest without interruption at any time of the day.


Reviewing the Highlights

Today’s rolling shutter treatments are an effective and modern way to give your house the comfort and lifestyle you desire, including the vital aspects of privacy and security. You can stay cooler or warmer in the summer or winter, respectively, without using any additional energy. Also, the shutters provide year-round security against noise, the wind, loose debris, intruders, and even the sun’s damaging rays.

When you choose this type of window treatment, it will be installed by a professional window technician. The slats also feature large perforation holes. This small amenity permits a constant air-flow through the windows whilst they are open. This extra ventilation is frequently recommended for homes with evaporative air conditioning. Evaporative air can cool a home better if a window is left open.

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