Double glazing is a word that most British people are familiar with, and many homeowners have already had their property improved by replacing the windows and doors.  While replacing the windows certainly gives the home added insulation, very often the character of the home is lost, with modern UPVC frames that are not in keeping with the existing architecture. There is an option for the person who wishes to insulate their home, without losing the character of a traditional property.

 Optimum thermal insulation

Aluminium secondary glazing is typically set back from the existing window, usually about 3-4 inches, and this gives a better thermal insulation than a double glazed unit, where the two panes are a few millimetres apart. The secondary units are custom made to fit the existing aperture, and with the clean, white, aluminium frames, the system is hardly noticeable from the inside, and completely invisible from the exterior.

Great sound insulation

The two panes of glass are at least a few inches apart, and with a good fit, the sound insulation is impressive. For those who live near railway lines, or close to airports, secondary glazing is the most cost-effective way to give you an acceptable level of sound insulation.

Matching designs

Many listed homes have period windows, such as traditional sash, and with modern secondary glazing options, any style can be created to allow for easy access and operation. There are many popular styles, including the following

  • Horizontal sliders
  • Vertical sliders
  • Hinged casement
  • Bespoke windows
  • Lift-out windows
  • Fixed units

Keeping the character of the property

For owners of listed buildings, there is a need for a window insulation system that blends in with the surroundings, and takes nothing away from the main character of the building. Modern, aluminium secondary glazing does just that, and at an affordable price. If you are in the UK, and are tired of a cold home, check out, who have a stunning range of secondary glazing designs, all tailored to fit the property.

Customised installations

The aluminium frame is extruded, and it is very easy for the installation teams to create a glove-like fitting, while on-site, and with every window opening designed to move with the existing system, access is not an issue. The installers are experienced in fitting their system behind a range of windows, and the job is quickly completed, with the minimum of inconvenience to the occupants.


Added security

Another layer of glass is an extra level of security, and the average burglar wouldn’t bother, knowing of the difficulties in gaining access through double glazed windows. In modern times, with rising crime figures, it makes sense to add protection to your home.

A warmer environment

Secondary glazing means the end of those annoying draughts, and with an even temperature throughout the house, you don’t have to close all the doors. Most people know how uncomfortable it is, to sit next to a draughty window on a cold winter’s night, and with the right secondary glazing, it is a thing of the past. The added comfort makes you want to spend more time at home, especially in the winter.

Aluminium secondary glazing is not only a cost-effective insulation system, it blends in with the existing architecture and décor, which is very important for character homes.

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